Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In the spirit of the day

The Treehouse Squirrels have taken a middle ground on October 31st celebrations. We have never gone all out with decorations, but the Squirrelings do dress up and visit a few neighbours and Grandpa Squirrel's house, and we have been known to screen a slightly-scary movie or two during this week. October 31st is the Baptism Birthday of two of the Squirrelings, and also Reformation Day in parts of the Christian world, and we have been as likely to stick up pictures of Martin Luther on the door as we have had pumpkin pictures. (What's on the door is mostly for our own entertainment anyway, since we get very few trick-or-treaters where we live. Last year we had one kid come to the door, besides the Squirrelings.)

But since the serious stuff sometimes gets forgotten in the fun of putting on makeup, we usually have a kind of double celebration: fun pumpkin stuff on October 31st, and an All Saint's Day dinner (the kind with a tablecloth) on November 1st. I'll post about the tablecloth dinner tomorrow.

But for today, I have a puzzle for Treehouse readers who enjoy this sort of thing (and apologies to the rest of you, because it's not meant to offend anybody). This is tonight's dinner menu, which we will eat by the light of an oil lamp flanked by two large pumpkins. Can you figure out what we're really going to eat?

Intestines with Sour Cabbage
Ears Stuffed With Mashed Potatoes
Green Warts

Dessert: Mooshy orange stuff baked until congealed in an old crusty pan


Anonymous said...

Ears Stuffed With Mashed Potatoes- perogies?

Green Warts- peas!

Dessert: Mooshy orange stuff baked until congealed in an old crusty pan- pumpkin mousse?

We're having worms and crud balls with blood sauce ;-)

Anonymous said...

Intestines with Sour Cabbage- oops! I missed this one. Sausages with saurkraut?

Mama Squirrel said...

Right on the main course, and pretty close on the dessert. Your menu sounds very tasty too.

I'm off to mix up the mooshy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Green Warts are peas