Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rummage sale-itis

Ah, the perfume of the violets in the yard, the digging and dumping of dirt that is going on--and the screeching of the tires at corners with yardsale signs and in church parking lots across the city. (Not us, of course--we would never screech our tires.)

Unlike Meredith's warmer clime, yard sale/rummage sale season around here runs full tilt only from spring through fall. (With a few after-Christmas catchup sales as well.) And sometimes you shiver even through a September yardsale.

Yesterday was the semi-annual rummage sale at a church near where we get groceries; it's also the place where one of Mr. Fixit's old work buddies goes to church, so our twice-yearly stop-ins give them a chance to say hi as well. Everybody came away pretty happy. Ponytails and Crayons bought a battery-operated train set (with lots of track) for fifty cents, and that has kept them busy since yesterday building block bridges over the tracks and running the trains. One of the trains needs a small repair, but Mr. Fixit says he can service it.

Crayons got a corduroy skirt and pair of slightly-worn purple print pants that unzip into shorts (for a total of $1.50); she's also been busy zipping those back and forth. Ponytails got a small bottle of hair conditioner, unopened in a gift set; somebody used up the shampoo that it came with and gave the rest away. Mama Squirrel checked over the books, didn't see anything there that we really needed, but settled for a crochet hook and half a pack of file folder stickers. The Apprentice found a pair of earrings. And Mr. Fixit found a CD organizer.

Small blessings!

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