Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday Devotion: What happens when things get really bad?

(A note on our devotions: we will be going to a Maundy Thursday service tomorrow night, so I won't be posting one for tomorrow. Tonight's devotion will also be short because we have family members who have to go out.)

Wednesday: What happens when things get really bad?

Opening Hymn: How Firm a Foundation

The Last Battle p. 79-80 (adapted)
It was roughly the shape of a man but it had the head of a bird; some bird of prey with a cruel, curved beak. It had four arms which it held high above its head, stretching them out Northward as if it wanted to snatch all Narnia in its grip.
”It seems then,” said the Unicorn, “that there is a real Tash, after all.”
“Yes,” said the Dwarf. “And this fool of an Ape, who didn’t believe in Tash, will get more than he bargained for! He called for Tash: Tash has come.”

What should they do then? In the end they all agreed that the best thing was to go and try to meet the help which Roonwit the Centaur was bringing up from Cair Paravel. Then they could all fight the Ape and the Calormenes together.

But as they went along, an eagle arrived with worse news.

The Last Battle p. 87-88
“Two sights have I seen,” said Farsight. “One was Cair Paravel filled with dead Narnians and living Calormenes.”
No one could speak.
“And the other sight, five leagues nearer than Cair Paravel, was Roonwit the Centaur lying dead with a Calormene arrow in his side.”
“So,” said the King, after a long silence, “Narnia is no more.”

Scripture reading: Matthew 26: 42-46

"Sons of labor, pray to Jesus;
Oh, how Jesus prayed for you!
In the moonlight, on the mountain,
Where the shimmering olives grew…"

Matthew 26:47-56

"Sons of labor, go to Jesus,
In your sorrow, shame and loss;
He is nearest, you are dearest,
When you bravely bear His cross.
Go to Him, Who died to save you,
And is still the sinner’s Friend;
And the great love, which forgave you,
Will forgive you to the end."
(From “Sons of Labor, Dear to Jesus,” by Samuel R. Hole)

Closing prayer.

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