Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Blow, by Ponytails

We were watching Babe on the T.V. and Mr.Fixit said, "Holy smokes! Look out the window!" There was rain and wind all over the place! Our tree that is 41 years old may have to be cut down! Because two branches fell on the ground and both look the size of a 10 year tree!

When we were watching Babe and it started to rain and blow really hard, we turned off some of the lights and the TV and the computer and the breaker. And then the power went out and I could hardly see anything. So Mama Squirrel and Crayons and me read Swallows and Amazons where there was a little light. And before reading Swallows and Amazons we had to sit in the middle of the kitchen near the table, because our windows could have broken, and branches would go in our eyes.

I'm glad that happened last night and not today, because tonight is our dancing night. And if it would have happened tonight, we wouldn't be home.

And all the power in the houses and the traffic lights and everything went down.

And now that I'm done with the storm, I'll tell you about the bird that's on our drainpipe! At first we just noticed there was a nest, but then we noticed there was a robin in it. Mama Squirrel spent about a week trying to figure out what it was.

We don't know if it has eggs or not, but you can see baby robins on Liberty and Lily. And the nest is still there!



Anonymous said...

Can you recommend some books about Canada (history or otherwise). My children have dual citizenship, and I've been thinking that we really need to implement some study about Canada into our program. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So glad you all made it through alright! We had the 'big blow' here too! Thankfully not much damage in my neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

What an adventure! I'm glad you all came through it fine. Our recent big blow took down some of our neighbors' fences, a few neighborhood trees and several limbs. :(

Mama Squirrel said...

Alice: I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for--history, travel book, nature, ?, and for what ages. You might find some suggestions on Ambleside Online's Canada page, here: . Others that might be helpful are Canadian History for Dummies (really!), Wow!Canada (a book with a lot of photos that's written as a kid's journal of a trip across Canada), or any of the books about Canada published by Kids Can Press; here's a link: or ; note that there are five pages of books at that link--have a look at the "Kids Book of--" series on about the third page in.

Oh, one other book that's kind of fun is That's Very Canadian, by the author of Wow!Canada.

I hope that helps!

Mama Squirrel said...

OK--that tinyurl link just takes you to the main page of KidsCanPress--so you're going to have to click on "Canadian Content" in the sidebar there, and choose "All books with Canadian content" if you want to see all five pages.

Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

Glad you made it safely through your storm!

Two of our three robins have hatched. The third one doesn't seem to want to come out yet. Has me wondering if it will at all?

Hmmm...soon I'll have 'empty nest' syndrome!! :-)