Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Empty Nest Syndrome (Robin Update)

Yesterday afternoon the young robins were shrilling away in their nest on top of the drainpipe--as usual--and occasionally hopping up to the edge to practice flapping. One of the parents would occasionally show up and let them fight over something wriggly.

Just before bedtime, we looked out and the nest was deserted. We had never seen any "flying lessons" going on--do robins just take off, once and for all? It's still empty this morning, although I think the birds are still in the neighbourhood--we watched from the back porch and saw what I think was one of the parents and one of the little ones, pecking in the grass--then they flew up to one of the big maples. Looks like they've relocated!

But it's a little sad to see their "penthouse" quiet and empty.

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