Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cappuccino Thumbprint Cookies

I seem to be having to do less typing of favourite recipes lately and more linking. I was going to post a Canadian Living cookie recipe for Cappuccino Thumbprints, but here it is already on their website, with photo. They are kind of fun (get it? they're supposed to look like cups of cappuccino with cream and cinnamon on top), and not really hard to make.

My own additions/suggestions are that we substituted soft margarine for butter (it's what we had), used unbleached flour, and instead of melting white chocolate chips in the thumbprints, we chopped up four or five leftover squares of white baking chocolate and divided that out among the 36 cookies. Which probably gave us slightly more chocolate in the middle, but who's complaining? (The recipe says it makes 42, but we ended up with 36).

One suggestion the kids had about the final sprinkle of cinnamon was that you could use cinnamon-sugar mix instead, if you don't like biting into cinnamon straight. Otherwise, just go easy on it--a little sprinkle will do ya.


Anonymous said...

I'm always thrilled to find a recipe already online somewhere. Call me lazy, but I don't like typing all those ingredients out : )

Queen of Carrots said...

My aunt makes very similar-looking cookies only they are eggnog cookies, with rum flavoring and nutmeg. Mmmm, my favorite. I would hate cappuccino ones, though, I can't stand coffee flavoring.

Mama Squirrel said...

Grin...I can't stand rum flavouring! (Dreadful childhood memories of biting into a "chocolate" at a Christmas party and finding out it was a rum ball...) So I'll stick to coffee.