Sunday, October 07, 2007

Even peas need love

What Mama Squirrel found on the discard pile at the library: Sandra Boynton's Rhinoceros Tap, book and cassette set. (Click that to hear samples.)

What Mama Squirrel did with it: gave it to Crayons and let her listen to it with Mama Squirrel's Sport Walkman.

What Crayons did: listened to it and tried to sing along with the book, while wandering around the house. The Apprentice and I had to shoo her out a couple of times because we were watching The Apprentice's Canadian History Video and it was kind of hard to follow the story about Great Depression Riots while listening to Crayons singing something about "Oh Bad Babies, why can't you be good?" (Remember we couldn't hear the music either.)

Why The Apprentice and Mama Squirrel laughed: during the "Lonely Peas" song, Crayons was overheard to say reassuringly: "Poor peas, I'll love you."


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Oh, how we LOVED this cassette! We were given the book and tape as a gift many years ago and listened to it a bazillion times. And then, one day, it was gone. We were never able to find it and still have the sad book, which is not nearly so entertaining with the tape. But every time we have fried rice, one of us breaks out singing, "Oh, lonely pea..."

Sebastian said...

Oh, this is one of our favorites too. I think that we got ours around the time our oldest (aka Danger Boy) was a newborn. We used to sing this at the top of our lungs on car trips to try to get him to stop crying. I should break it out for #3 to listen too.