Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Monday, October 08, 2007

Things to make with pumpkin--for real this time

2010 Update: Looking for pumpkin recipes? See also our newer pumpkin post here.

The Expatriate's Kitchen presents Carnival of the Recipes: The Great Pumpkin edition.

It looks like a great carnival, but I'm finding the blog itself is very slow to load; so be patient. (Maybe your computer's faster than mine.)

One entry I noticed wasn't about pumpkin at all. MotherLoad: The Mom Advice Blog posted an enthusiastic review of a homemade alternative to nonstick spray. That, I could use. I hate depending on those aerosol cans, and some brands don't even work that well, but I find pans stick a lot if I just use oil.

And I liked this one too: Your Guide to Planning Your Tea Party--Autumn Edition. George Winston's Autumn and cranberry-walnut scones? Sounds good to me.

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