Friday, October 05, 2007

Pan pizzas

I don't make homemade pizza too often, even with a food processor around to mix the dough. Whatever I do or don't do to it, it never seems to turn out with the right "heft," or to be baked just the way I want. (And no, I don't own a pizza stone or any of those things that assure great pizza.)

But last night we made individual pizzas from the Hillbilly Housewife's Pizza Page. I made the Make-Ahead Pizza dough (you mix the yeast dry with the flour) and was pleased to note that it Was Not Sticky--that's a nice change. I rolled out and par-baked five pie-pan-sized pizzas as she recommends--don't overdo this, the last one I put in got a bit too toasty. When Mr. Fixit came in he thought I had gone out and bought pita bread, because that's what the crusts looked like when they were cooling.

I also made up a double batch of the Almost Instant Pizza Sauce (there's a little typo in the sauce--you only put sugar in once), grated some cheese, sliced up some mushrooms and salami, and opened a can of pineapple; then let everybody decorate their own pizzas. And that was it; and "YUM- honest," as Coffeemamma says.

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