Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Homeschooling on April Fool's Day

For fun, we are interspersing regular lessons today with stunts from STOP THE WATCH, a Klutz book we found at the thrift shop. (I adapted some of them.) Lunch is in there somewhere too, it just depends on how far we get in the morning.

Here's the schedule:

STOP p. 12 (adapted for Canadians): Touch your toes five times, do six jumping jacks, and turn around four times while singing O Canada.

Hymn: Hark the Herald Angels Sing.


Make your bed

STOP p. 34: Standing-on-one-foot-with-both-eyes-closed contest

Finish the chapter of Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

Look at online photos of the Wesley Chapel in London (where the characters in Mr. Pipes went)

STOP p. 37: "Holler the word "Eeeeeeeelllllskin" continuously, without taking a breath, for 17 seconds. Exactly."

Read funny poems

STOP p. 38: "Start the clock. Read an entire page from a grown-up book out loud. Stop the clock."

Find something messy and clean it up for 5 minutes

Snack and break time

Math pages

STOP p. 39: "Touch the palms of your hands to the floor for 11 seconds. You have to be standing up, and bend the knees as much as you have to."

STOP p. 55: "Throw something weird back and forth ten times with no drops."


STOP p. 40: "Sit in a chair, don't move, don't say a thing, don't even think for exactly 60 secondss."

Cursive worksheet

STOP p. 44: "Fold a paper airplane and successfully launch it. Pick it up. Flatten it out and do an addition problem. Both numbers have to be over one thousand. Tear the sheet into 11 pieces exactly. Stop the clock."

Practice times tables

STOP p. 21: "Find a magazine. Sit down with it. Start the clock. Open the magazine and find the word "run.""

Continue "The Dragon's Teeth" in Tanglewood Tales

Walk down the street and get the mail

STOP p. 45: "Flip a coin until you get four somethings in a row. Switch your socks. Crawl over to the phone. Call the phone number I will give you. Stop the clock when the voice says, "person you wish to speak to."

Keyboard lesson

STOP p. 16: "Name five countries and your second-grade teacher."

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Jeanne said...

What fun school must have been in the treehouse yesterday!! We celebrated the French Poisson d'avril and stuck random fish on each other's backs...all while eating chocolate fish, of course!

We have exams on Friday. I'm going to intersperse some of your STOPs in between the questions to spice things up a little!! I'll post how we get on.