Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crayons' Grade Two: This is the end

Janet at Across the Page put together an evaluation not of her second-grader's progress, but of the curriculum choices she made. (Included in a recent Carnival of Homeschooling.)

I've been thinking about posting something like that too--how this year's gone, what we're going to stick with or change for next year. So this is it...[Update: Well, that's what I intended to write, but this turned out to be more of a general we're-done post. Maybe I'll get more into evaluations later.]

This was our first year of having only one homesquirreler around during the day. The Apprentice, strangely enough, decided that she wanted to finish off one homeschool course this semester; but she's done that (Philosophy, the Big Questions) mostly on her own. And Ponytails was off at public school; so Crayons and I had to regroup a bit.

Mostly things went pretty well--we finished all or most of the books we had planned to, and then some--we even snuck in an extra Holling book and a Shakespeare story right at the end. Regular math seemed to peter out by the end of May...we were pretty much finished this year's Miquon workbook and I didn't want to start another one, so we just kept up with Calculadder and called it enough. We also got through quite a few of the Hidden Rods, Hidden Numbers (Cuisenaire rod) puzzles.

The year's science and nature plans didn't all work out as planned...some books got dropped partway through the year. Like Through the Year--it just didn't work well for Crayons as assigned work. A fun book to read in the back seat, but not really helpful for school. And we had planned to read both Among the Night People and Among the Forest People (books about wild animals and their habits) but just one of those turned out to be enough "people" for one year.

Goals for next year? A little more written work. And some other things that I'll post about later.

And summer vacation starts!

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