Thursday, June 04, 2009

What's a sparable?

Crayons and I have been having fun this week with a dictionary activity from Raising Ravenous Readers: Activities to Create a Lifelong Appetite for Reading, by Linda Schwartz. The book gets you started with questions like these:

Would you row, cook, plant or ride in a landau?

Would you play, wear, chain, or recite an epaulet?

The idea is to guess the answer and then look them up in the dictionary. These are words that mostly aren't found in our children's dictionary, so Crayons has been using my Random House College Dictionary. It's good practice not so much for vocabulary as for using dictionary guide words, and practicing alphabetizing concepts.

Today we ran out of questions, so I made up some of my own. How would you do on these?

1. Would you find the Pentateuch in your body, in a computer, or in the Bible?
2. Can you drink sparteine? (Should you?)
3. Would you buy a spavined horse?
4. Would you find a sparable in a shoe, in a nest, or in the Bible?

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