Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crayons' Grade Two: Final Exam

This exam is not meant to be comprehensive or very difficult; it's only a sampling of what we covered this past term.


Write 2-4 lines of a poem that you memorized this term.


"But he's smaller than most of the sheep," said Drew. "How are you going to get one dog to make all those sheep do what you want?"--Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers


1. We read the story of The Comedy of Errors.

“Aegeon had no money to pay the fine, and the duke, before he pronounced the sentence of death upon him, desired him to relate the history of his life, and to tell for what cause he had ventured to come to the city of Ephesus, which it was death for any Syracusan merchant to enter."

Explain what happened because of this. Here are some names and places you can use: Antipholus, Dromio, Adriana, Ephesus, Syracuse

2. Mr. Pipes wrote letters to Annie and Drew. Write a short letter back to him as an answer.

3. What was your favourite part of Seabird? Tell it in words or draw a good picture...or make a comic strip.


3. Tell about the ending of Pilgrim’s Progress, or draw a good picture, or make a comic strip.

Library Skills

1. How does the Dewey Decimal System work? Give some examples of books you might be looking for and where you would find them;

or, tell me where in the library you would find these books:

How to Feed Your Pet Cat
100 Synonyms for Beautiful
Cooking with Popcorn
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
A Child's History of the World


1. Tell what you would need to do if you wanted to make a snowflake cloth.

Reading Skills

Ask Dad to choose something for you to read aloud.

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