Friday, November 16, 2012

Dollygirl's Grade Six: Plans for Thursday and Friday

What did we do yesterday?

Math questions about travelling on a high-speed elevator; read  "Uncle Eric" chapter 12, "How to Control People"; finished The Hobbit; read some of the Einstein chapter about relativity.  Went to the craft store and walked home together.

Dollygirl made the connection between God's Smuggler and this quote from Uncle Eric:
"I have noticed a pattern among tyrants.  When they come to power, they first seize people's guns, then news organizations, and then schools.  Schools seem to be the most important prize because once a tyrant controls schools, he does not need to control much because he controls the models."
Never say that homeschoolers don't learn anything.

And what are we doing today?

Opening time:  singing a hymn and "The Maple Leaf Forever" (because it's Friday and we sing patriotic songs on Fridays).

("The Maple Leaf Forever" doesn't start until about 1:15, after "Land of Hope and Glory.")

Plutarch's Life of Pericles, Lesson 6 (yes, we are still behind on this).  "Pericles was also something like the manager of a multi-national corporation, in this case the Athenian empire. His city-state had gained power over more and more of the cities around the Mediterranean; he managed one of the biggest naval powers around; Athens had become kind of a supreme-court center where cases from other parts of the empire were judged; and he was responsible for a great deal of public money. How did he cope with his increasing responsibilities? What were the strategies that created his "winning season?""

Playing the beam-of-light board game one more time (from a kit), because Dollygirl requested it.

A French lesson.

A history lesson: the death of John F. Kennedy.

Continuing to work through "How to Write Without Flab."

A couple more math questions about elevators and other things that go fast.

In the afternoon: Drama Club.

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