Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Playing around with Charlotte's geography books

For those of you who read us by reader (and you all have noted that Google Reader is ending soon, right?), you won't have noticed the page I put up recently labelled Cornwall and Devon.  No, this is not a real vacation we're planning--don't I wish.  It's next term's geography study for Dollygirl, an experimental updating of two chapters in Charlotte Mason's Geographical Reader Book Three.  Because, honestly, there's no point in saying that a town is full of cottagers making lace, if its economy has now turned to computer chips or whatever.  And some of the newer facts I came up with are as interesting as Charlotte's old ones, I think.  Did you know that Christopher Robin Milne used to run a bookshop in Dartmouth?  Have you ever heard of the "Tinners' Hounds" in the town of Redruth, made from miners' old boots?

Anyway, as the disclaimer says:  I've never been there.  If you have, and if I've messed up, I'd be happy to fix whatever it is.

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