Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Monday, February 10, 2014

School plans for the week (Dollygirl's Grade Seven, Term Two, Week 8 of 12)

Instead of a day-by-day schedule for this week, here's a shorter list by subject area.  Some things (like art and music) aren't decided yet.

French:  Review the geography lesson from last week (French words for things like South Pole, map, "the earth is our spaceship,"Atlantic Ocean).  Begin "The Alphabet Lesson."  Also start working on "My First Visit to Quebec."

Christian studies:  Begin the second-last chapter in The Accidental Voyage.  Continue the topic of Salvation in Basic Bible Studies, or possibly read My Heart, Christ's Home in honour of St. Valentine's Day.

Charlotte Mason's book Ourselves Book II, on Fortitude, using literary examples from The Talisman and Middlemarch.

Math:  Do four pages from the middle sections of old Gauss competitions: that is, the slightly harder questions but not the real challengers from the last section.  Keep track of anything new that we haven't covered yet in math.

English history:  Feudalism and William Rufus.  No French history this week.

General Science:  Experiments with leaves and potatoes and iodine (but not fruit flies).

Watership Down, Ivanhoe, and The Return of the King.

How to Read a Book...talking about different kinds of books.

A few pages of grammar--still working on verb tenses.

Plutarch's Life of Demosthenes.

A new lesson from The Grammar of Poetry, on alliteration. Make sure we make time to just read poetry too.

If we have time: the very last bit of Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?


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I love, love, love that we're doing the same year.

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