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A Term's English and French History, Week by Week (Dollygirl's Grade Seven)

In the Parents' Union School Programme 94, for Form III (grades 7-8), the following is required for the term's work in history:

English History.
Arnold Forster's A History of England (Cassell, 8/6), pages 131-186 (1154-1307).  Scott's Tales of a Grandfather (University Press, 2/3), pp 84-106. Make a chart of the 12th Century (1100-1200), (see reprint from P.R., July, 1910, 3d.). Read the daily news and keep a calendar of events.

French History.
Creighton's First History of France* (Longmans, 5/-)  pp. 45-81 (1154-1307).
General History.
Read from De Joinville's Chronicles of the Crusades* (Dent, 2/6).  The British Museum for Children,* by Frances Epps (P.N.E.U. Office 3/8), Chapter 12. Teacher study preface. Keep a Book of Centuries* (P.N.E.U. Office, 2/6), putting in illustrations from all the history studied. Stories from Indian History (O.L.S.I.), Vol. 1., 2/-, pp. 1-25.
We are following this outline quite closely, with these exceptions:  we are not reading either The British Museum or Indian History, although we are doing the chapter on Architecture that also appeared that term (under Science).  One other slight difference is that the next time this cycle in history came around, several years later, the period covered in that term extended to 1327 rather than 1307, and I decided to go with that.  We are also doing the literature suggested, Ivanhoe (we started reading that aloud last term), and Shakespeare's King John.
So how does one take the pages referred to above and turn them into twelve weeks' work?  This is the plan that I have so far.
Week One 
English: pages 132-138 --Canterbury Cathedral—how it was designed, prologue to the Becket story
The King and the Archbishop—Henry II & Thomas, introduction (explaining how the Church was both a positive and negative influence in England at that time)

French: begin chapter 7, Philip Augustus : Third Crusade, 1190 

Week Two 
English: pages 139-145 The Quarrel : question of whether churchmen should be tried in public courts; also a question of paying homage. Becket banished but then returns.
The Murder : events of December 29th.

French: none this week.

Week Three 
English: pages 146-153 The Pope's Gift (the Pope "gives" Ireland to Henry II)
The Crescent and the Cross (Richard)
The Crusade: Richard's abduction, return, and death

French: continue chp 7 to p. 51: Philip and Richard, former friends, now enemies --Siege of Acre, 1191

Week Four 
English: pages 154-top of 159 John and Arthur (begin chart of the 13th century)
What Charters Were, and How They Were Won

French: continue chp 7, to p. 53: conquest of Normandy, 1204; John loses other territories

Week Five 
English: pages 159-164 The Sealing of the Great Charter (signing at Runnymede, 1215)
What the Great Charter did for Englishmen

French: continue chp. 7, to p. 55: Albigensian war; crusade led by Simon de Montfort. Influence of St. Dominic.

Week Six 
English: pages 165-top of 172 The Judges of Assize (travelling courts)
Personal Liberty and Trial by Jury
How the Law Protects the Weak (Week Six, continued)

French: continue chp 7, to death of Philip, 1223.
Chapter 8, to p. 60: Louis VIII (short) and begin Louis IX (St Louis, king 1226-1270)

Week Seven
English: pages 172-180 Magna Charta and the Seamstress (example of law protecting property)
"Things New and Old" : question of whether laws become outdated
Famous Fifteen (trick for memorizing particular dates)
Henry III (kiing 1216-1272) and his Foreign Friends (Simon de Montfort, his brother-in-law)

French: Continue chp 8 to p. 66, story of St. Louis. Also read from de Joinville. (First Crusade of St. Louis, 1248-1254)

Week Eight
English: pages (bottom of) 180-186 Laws and Law-makers : the House of Commons
The First Parliament -- "Mad Parliament"
The Fall of Montfort (battle), 1265

French: Finish chp 8, the Second Crusade of St. Louis, 1270. Also read from de Joinville.

Week Nine
English/Welsh: pages 187-194 (first half) Edward I (king 1272-1307) : England at War
The Breaking of Wales - death of Llewelyn 1282

French: Read half of chp IX, The Flemish Wars.

Week Ten
English/Scottish: pages 194 (bottom half)-203 Scotland : "Over the Border" (description of Scotland, more about Edward)
The Fight for the Scottish Crown - 1296, William Wallace (d. 1305); "Edward's death saved Scotland"
Edward II (king 1307-1327)  "The Making of Scotland"

French: Finish chp IX, The Flemish Wars 1298-1302. If time, begin chp X.

Week Eleven 
English/Scottish: pages 204-208 (Bannockburn, 1314) PLUS begin "The Rise of Robert of the Bruce" in Tales of a Grandfather

French: Read half of chp X, to page 80, mostly about Philip IV and Pope Boniface VIII. The Estates-General, 1302.

Week Twelve
English/Scottish: Finish "The Rise of Robert of the Bruce" in Tales of a Grandfather (the book will be continued next term).

French: Finish chp X. Persecution of the Templars; death of Philip in 1314; the last Capetian kings. 

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