Friday, March 25, 2016

Treehouse snapshots: Easter Weekend

These pictures are for The Apprentice, who may not be able to  get here because she is under the weather.
Chippy sympathizes.
Front hall
Love seat
Working on the dining room
Dolls kicking back
Family souvenirs
Coffee table 
Lydia's tissue flowers on a vintage box embroidered with porcupine quills

Stained glass we have had for a long time...I just moved it to another window so we would notice it again
Ceramics my mom painted in the 1980's
We decluttered some holiday things this year, but Mr. Fixit wanted to keep the rabbit.

Now all we need is the ice to melt. (It's dripping! Yes!)
 Actually it's less dripping, more sliding from the roof with great smashings and crashings (to quote Lloyd Alexander).  Those things that look like broken panes of glass are shovel-sized pieces of ice. They sound like thunder when they roll down the steel roof of the Treehouse.

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