Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge, on a day that is like no other day before

Notes from our Hodgepodge Hostess:  "Here are the questions to this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. Answer on your own blog then hop back here tomorrow to add your link to the party. See you there!"

1. It's officially summer (in the northern hemisphere anyway). Which summer month is best and why?

All of them!  In June it's coming, in July it's hanging in there, and in August it's going too fast.

2. Can you swim? How did you learn? June 27th is National Sunglasses Day. How many pair do you own?

How I learned to swim: in 1976, my parents, my sister and I drove from Ontario to Florida and back, slowly, over about two weeks. Almost every night we parked our tent trailer at a campground with a swimming pool. I had tried to learn to swim in a friend's pool at home, but had never gotten my feet off the bottom. But something about having all those days in a row to practice made the difference, and I came back knowing at least how to let go and float.

I don't own any sunglasses. I know, I'm weird. But I need prescription sunglasses and I haven't shelled out for them for a long time  

3. What characteristic do you judge most harshly in yourself? How about in others?

This is a good day, and I'm not going to think about what I don't like.

4. Robert Frost wrote the now well known poem entitled The Road Not Taken. What's a road (literal or figurative) you've always wanted to travel, and where do you hope it takes you? 

Maybe an airplane road across the ocean to travel outside North America?

Here's a different look at leaving the beaten path.

5. Popsicles-yay or nay? If you answered yay, what's your favorite flavor? 

They're okay, although a bit drippy and messy. I like banana.

6. Brexit-on a scale of 1-10 how knowledgeable are you on what's involved here? (1=very knowledgeable and 10=what's Brexit) Is this news you'll follow or is it something you think won't impact your life in any way shape or form?

My husband follows the news on this a lot more than I do, so I would give myself a 4 for at least having a clue what's going on over there.

7. Share a favorite song on your summer play list.

Our wedding song. (Does that give you a clue?) (The song starts at 00:35.)

8. Random thoughts?

I just reorganized part of my personal planner...I added some pages to slow it down. The big picture is good, but when you're always looking at a month at a time, sometimes you forget to pay proper attention to "Wednesday morning" and "Saturday afternoon." They deserve a little respect too.

Another random thought: we just finished watching the three-part miniseries To the Ends of the Earth, based on William Golding's novels about a Jane-Austen-era sea voyage to Australia. It's a terrible voyage, nasty things happen, more than once it seems like everyone's going to die; but at the end, when the main character tries to find meaning in it all, he's told bluntly that some things happened and then some other things happened, and now it's over, so move on. To me, that's a very bleak way of looking at life.

Enjoy the beginnings of summer. Eat a popsicle.

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Capri K said...

I highly recommend a pair of prescription sunglasses, they are a game changer!!!