Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Fading to Fall

From this Side of the Pond

1. What's something you'd rate a 10/10? Tell us why.

A book I picked up by accident on a free-books table, and reviewed for our church library. Since the library didn't have the book, I donated my copy...kind of what goes around, comes around? This is what I wrote:

Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times, by Os Guinness (IVP, 2014). “Call it renewal, call it reformation, call it restoration…What matters is that it is a movement that is led by the Spirit of God, which involves the people of God returning to the ways of God and so demonstrating in our time the kingdom of God, and not in word only but in power and with the plausibility of community expression.” This new book asks the old question: how do Christians live in the world but not of it?  Has the answer to that changed? What are the biggest challenges to the church in this century? What are the greatest opportunities? This would be a particularly valuable book for young adults to read as they try to make sense of the world around them, but it is equally appropriate for those of us who may feel we’re playing catch-up with a rapidly changing culture. There are prayers and study questions after each chapter, and the text of the 2008 Evangelical Manifesto is included as an appendix.

2. What job would you be terrible at? What makes you think so?

I can think of several: gym teacher, police officer, telemarketer, bookkeeper, 
Image result for sally henny-penny
Sally Henny Penny gets rather flustered when she tries to count out change, and she insists on being paid cash; but she is quite harmless. ~~ Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Ginger and Pickles
3. When did you last take a fall? What's something you're falling for (in a good way) these days?

A literal fall? See the Hodgepodge from four weeks ago.

I'm not sure about the rest of it.

4. According to the Travel Channel here are some of America's best fall festivals-

National Apple Harvest Festival (near Arendtsville PA, close to Gettysburg), Harvest on the Harbor (Portland Maine), German Village Festival (Columbus Ohio), Wellfleet Oyster Fest (Cape Cod), and Wine and Chile Fiesta (Santa Fe NM)

Have you ever been to any of the festivals listed? Which one appeals to you most? Does your hometown have any sort of fall celebration, and if so will you make it a point to attend?

There are fall festivals all over southern Ontario, including fall fairs, the Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival, and Oktoberfest. They're fun, but not something we're really involved with (except maybe going to the Oktoberfest parade on Canadian Thanksgiving).

5. What is your goodbye message to summer?

You've overstayed here: here's your sunhat, what's your hurry?

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday afternoon we did not have water in our building, because some needed repairs took longer than they should have. Finally there was limited cold water but not hot, through most of the evening..People in the building were complaining loudly. I walked over to the discount store just before it closed, and bought some bottled water just in case. When I got back, Mr. Fixit had boiled two kettles of water and was washing the dinner dishes. The tap water came back to its original state at about bedtime.

And I thought about people who live without hot water every day, and people who can't get clean water, and people who are without power. We are lucky to be in a place where things go wrong, but do get fixed. It's not something we should take for granted.

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Sue said...

So glad you have water now, I too wonder about those who do not have running water! I am ready for summer to gone too, we hit high 90's today!
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings, Sue