Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Frugal finds, one fix, one tip

From the thrift store:
Fleece pullover top. Thrifting reminder #whatever: pay very little attention to size labels, both on store tags and on the clothes themselves. This top has an inside label saying Extra Small; but it's not only big enough for me, it's even slightly loose. Vanity sizing?
Teal green jean jacket with ruffles. (Size small.)
Books from my reading list. I have never read anything by Marie Kondo before. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was interesting: although I've never tried some of her "iconic" strategies such as folding clothes in certain ways, and I don't thank my shoes for the good job they do, I think our downsize this year was very much in the spirit of getting things in order and keeping them that way.

One frugal fix from Mr. Fixit: he says that the vitamin E cream we keep on hand for "owies" has done a great job getting rid of a bothersome foot callus. Cider vinegar was helpful, but the cream finished the job. (It's just a brand you can find at Walmart.)

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