Saturday, November 25, 2017

Two thrifted finds and fixes

Found at the thrift store: one wine-coloured rayon maxi skirt, size 14, for two dollars.

The problem: size 14 is about three sizes too big for me. The skirt had an elastic waist, side slits, and pockets. What would it take to make it wearable? Would I have to take in the sides, or hem the bottom? Would the pockets and/or the rayon fabric make it too complicated for my basic skills?
The simplest solution turned out to be the best. I unpicked a bit of the waistband seam, cut the elastic, pinned my own waist-length of new 1-inch elastic (minus two inches for stretch) to one of the ends, and pulled it through the casing, discarding the old piece along the way. There was no extra stitching to interfere. I hand-stitched the ends of the elastic together and re-sewed the waistband.
That's all. Now it fits!
My other find: strap shoes with not-too-high heels. My size this time, luckily.

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