Thursday, November 16, 2017

KonMari and the Infrequent Sewer (photos)

There have been periods when one or another Squirrel was doing a lot of sewing, or things often needed quick fixes, and it was nice to have a semi-permanent sewing corner. Even before we moved, though, we did some reorganizing and the sewing machine went to live in a box.  

Since we moved, the sewing supplies have taken up the two shelves in the closed part of the cabinet in the photo below. And the sewing machine was still living in the box, in our pantry room. I have pulled it out a couple of times, but I had to pull other things out to get at it, and it wasn't a lot of fun.
Today I decided to get a handle on the sewing stuff. I'll spare you the details, but you can see (in the photo below) that it's reduced from two whole shelves, to two plastic containers and a cardboard box of thread spools. That took up just the bottom shelf nicely. 
If I moved that stuff to the top shelf, would the sewing machine fit in the bottom?
Yes It Did. The cords are inside that red fabric thing to the right, which was otherwise the sewing machine cover.

And the advantage of that to the Infrequent Sewer, is that I no longer have to haul the sewing machine out of the pantry to sew at the dining table, so I am that much more likely to sew.

Totally worth the effort.


Anonymous said...

I am in the middle of decluttering my sewing supplies. Thanks for the inspiration! Oddly enough, my sewing machines are moving to the dining room cupboard as well. We are still sewing at least once a week so we won't be getting quite as pared down. But, keeping only what we need and working through our stash is definitely the goal. Thanks for sharing!

Mama Squirrel said...

Hi Lisa! Glad you stopped by.