Friday, September 29, 2006

Crayons on Rumer Godden

"I wish I was the Fairy Doll. Look, she's having a nice time. She's sitting on a toadstool!" (We have the ex-library hardcover pictured on that website, with illustrations by Adrienne Adams. It's the same edition--although not the same copy--that I remember reading at my grandma's when I was young. We found it at a yard sale when The Apprentice was small--right after I'd been remembering that book and wondering if I could find a copy of it somewhere. Those things do happen! Ask me about Anna Comstock sometime...)


coffeemamma said...

I want to visit your home library ;-)

Mama Squirrel said...


I am still (with frustration) trying to get the photos posted on the old-books post. Mr. Fixit says he knows how to get them to load faster, but he's been really busy the last couple of days so it hasn't happened. But I do want to get them added.