Saturday, September 02, 2006

So far this weekend

Things we've been doing:

1. The Apprentice and Mr. Fixit are out shopping for a backpack for her for school, since we suddenly realized her on-hand choices were between Franklin the Turtle and something that looked like she was ready for the High Arctic.

2. I've been doing updates to our support group's library database all weekend, plugging in ISBN numbers and trying to fix all the mistakes that our otherwise conscientious librarian (Mama Squirrel) has allowed to slip in over the past couple of years.

3. We had some excellent end-of-summer corn from our favourite vegetable stand, cooked in the pressure cooker--and that's almost as good as barbecued in the husk. We learned how to do this awhile back from Lorna J. Sass's book Cooking Under Pressure. You put a cupful of water and a vegetable steamer basket (we use the kind that folds up like a flower) into the bottom of the pressure cooker; husk and wash the corn, and put a few of the husks into the steamer; and stack the corn cobs, log-cabin style, on top of the husks. Put the top on the pressure cooker, turn on the stove, and bring the cooker up to full pressure. Then turn it off and let the steam out. That's it.

4. The Apprentice is planning another girls' knitting night, so she's been phoning around to everyone she can think of who likes to knit, crochet or cross-stitch. Ponytails would like to crochet something this fall too, so she's been looking at library books--she just has to decide what and get some yarn.

5. Mama Squirrel made a batch of the Hillbilly Housewife's hot cocoa mix, and sprang for a package of mini marshmallows from the grocery store this morning. We had some after we got the groceries put away. "I loved it, but it could use more marshmallows, a whole bag of them."--Ponytails

6. Crayons has her first loose tooth two loose teeth.

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