Friday, September 08, 2006

End of the week (phew)

It's been a very good first week of school here. We've actually gotten through most of things that I had planned to do! And everybody's still smiling. Yesterday we started "As You Like It" from Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, and "Florence Nightingale" in Armed with Courage. And started the book about music and composers that goes with our Leonard Bernstein record set. (That was fun. The chapter we read (just part of it) is based on this script , "What does Music Mean?")

Today will be a bit shortened because we're going to the library after lunch. The lineup looks like this:

Read from Proverbs
Ponytails, work on math page; Crayons, do the usual math routine with Mama Squirrel (next week's math will be a bit more varied)

A Child's Geography, the second part of chapter 1
(Mr. Fixit kindly got our e-text printed out and comb-bound this week)

Memory work: the Canadian provinces

Folk songs: the same ones as before

Read about garden snails from Anna Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study

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