Friday, September 29, 2006

A Friday morning

I'm finding Fridays are our more-relaxed homeschool day this year. Wednesdays are our sort-of-different day because we do some once-a-week subjects, but Fridays are more laid back.

After breakfast, Crayons was immersed in Rumer Godden's The Fairy Doll. She was most of the way through it by 9:00, when The Apprentice had headed off to school and Ponytails and I were ready to start lessons here. So the book was put down (reluctantly, with the bribe of a pretty bookmark) and we sang O Canada and some hymns from the Mennonite Bicentennial booklets. (Come We That Love the Lord; Unity (Ponytails' choice); and For God So Loved Us.) (Here's the German version of For God So Loved Us; I'll have to hunt online for the English.)

We read some of Proverbs 29 (since it's the 29th), from The Message. (We have a small copy, just Proverbs.)

Ponytails studied for dictation (and then wrote it) while Crayons went back to her book (and finished it). This was the dictation, from Peter Pan:

"I wish I had a pretty house,
The littlest ever seen,
With funny little red walls
And roof of mossy green."

Then we finished chapter 2 in A Child's Geography, mostly about the mesosphere. Ponytails drew herself out there with an oxygen mask on, surrounded by shooting stars. I'm not exactly sure what Crayons drew.

The girls wanted a snack and we had eaten up all the cookies, so I let them make peanut butter balls. After the mess lovely snack, we played the Sum What Dice Game from Family Math, and read a couple of poems and a chapter from Crystal Mountain. And that's it for this morning...After lunch we're planning on taking the nature notebooks outside and looking for Gymnosperms and Pterophyta. Do you know what those are? (Google is off limits!). Virtual coloured pencils for right answers.


coffeemamma said...

It wouldn't be fair of me to answer- we're reading the Botany book, too ;-)

Hanley Family said...

Thanks for sharing the German! I enjoyed it. Sounds like a great day...but no virtual pencils for me.

Also, you certainly may link to the post...I'm always happy for links (even when they come from people making fun of me, which has luckily only happened twice so far).