Friday, September 01, 2006

School for the Apprentice

I have a few more things to post about what Crayons and Ponytails will be doing this year, but I have also neglected The Apprentice. So this is All About Her.

After waiting all summer for an appointment, The Apprentice, Mr. Fixit and Mama Squirrel squeezed ourselves into a guidance counsellor's office at the local high school (Mr. Fixit's old school) and talked courses. It ended up that The Apprentice is going to take two courses there each semester this year: science and drama in the fall, and French and vocal music in the winter. The best thing about it is that she'll get to play in the labs (MUA HA HA HA)...the worst thing is that it takes a big chunk out of the day, what with getting there and everything.

And it's changed what's fair to expect from her other work, especially this fall when she'll be gone for a longer stretch of the day (the winter courses will just be during the afternoons).

So after The Apprentice gets home from school and fortifies herself, she'll work with Mama Squirrel for half an hour on English, logic, citizenship, and a bit of French to make sure she's ready for the winter course. Then she'll also work on poems, math and/or her Christian studies reading list before she gets to relax for awhile. After dinner (besides science homework) she'll have time to read some of the other books we had planned for literature, life skills, geography, biographies...maybe even science. I'll post about those later today.

But now I have to go and START SCHOOL!


Farewell, summer.


Birdie said...

Are you using anything special for your logic course? I am using "The Fallacy Detective" this year with Ditto (15yob).

Mama Squirrel said...

Yes, I forgot that, didn't I? Logic for the first part of the year will be Part 3 of Adler's How to Read a Book (it's sort of logic, sort of English class), and then we'll also be doing The Fallacy Detective.