Monday, March 29, 2010

What is Mama Squirrel reading?

Still reading: Terrible Lizard, by Deborah Cadbury

"[Buckland's] appetite for information became insatiable: it was as if the layers of rock that enveloped the globe formed the pages of a history of the earth. But if this was so, what would be written on them? And how did all this fit with the extraordinary 'crocodile' found by Mary Anning?"

Just finished: Wondrous Strange,by Lesley Livingston. Not Mama Squirrel's usual kind of book--this was passed on by The Apprentice, something she was given to read for her high school book club. Too gory for anyone below high school, and it won't appeal to anyone who has theological qualms about reading anything about Faery, but: it's well written, often humorous, mostly avoids bad language, and does a wonderful job incorporating original ideas with traditional fairy lore and Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. It reminds me, in places, of The Dark is Rising (which I know some of you do not like, and I can understand that), and the movie Enchanted, and even the part of The Magician's Nephew where Jadis shows up in London and starts ripping things apart (only in this case it's Queen Mabh). There's already a sequel out as well.

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