Thursday, March 18, 2010

We are still on Spring Break (pretend we're live-blogging)

The weather is positively balmy. Perfect weather for March Break, even if it gets cold again this weekend. Every so many years you get one of these...

Mr. Fixit (having his week of holidays) treated us to a couple of thrift shops and a burger out, by way of celebration. Crayons found herself two summer shirts and two pairs of shorts, each two for a dollar, and picked out all by herself. Mama Squirrel found three hardcover Mitford books, all ones she has but she knows some ladies at church who like Mitford books too so they're easy to pass on. We also stopped at the supermarket to get bagels, ketchup, and sugar-free Jell-O to make gummy worms. (Just the Jell-O is for the gummy worms, in case you were worried.)

The Apprentice will be off to work this afternoon--hair customers don't take March Break off.

Crayons had a visit last night from her friend Schmoo and her Only Hearts Club doll; Schmoo gave Crayons' doll Anna Sophia a fancier braided hairdo, so this morning Crayons requested that The Apprentice do her own hair (Crayons, not The Apprentice) to look like Anna Sophia. She did a good job too! Anna Sophia came along on the shopping trip and Crayons found her a new cocker spaniel at the thrift shop--just about the right size for a 9 inch girl.

Mr. Fixit is now outside the Treehouse doing outside things that involve running a lot of water. Ponytails is helping him. Crayons and Anna Sophia are out there too. And Mama Squirrel, fortified with a large cup of fast food coffee, will now go back to extracting key points from Home Education.

2:30: The Apprentice is just leaving for work. The gummy worms are freezing (they smell like one of The Apprentice's hair dye solutions). Mr. Fixit is listening to the Rachmaninoff and Nana Mouskouri albums he got at the thrift shop. Ponytails is sewing something for Anna Sophia. Crayons is somewhere...

About 4:00: Ponytails watched her favourite cooking show at 3. Mr. Fixit finally convinced Crayons to come inside for awhile while he had a cup of tea. Mama Squirrel started heating frozen cabbage rolls for an easy dinner (since The Apprentice won't be here). (The Squirrelings will probably have sandwiches.) The lime-flavoured gummy worms turned out kind of strange...maybe it takes some experience to get them right, I'm not sure. There was almost too much gelatin in them...or maybe it was that lime flavour that made the girls go ewwww... Well, it was worth a try.

The Squirrelings watched a Three Stooges video with Mr. Fixit. Mama Squirrel started the first of several loads of laundry. Ponytails started sewing something else that she wouldn't let Crayons see. Crayons pleaded for a few more minutes outside. Mr. Fixit checked his email. Mama Squirrel sorted her typed notes.

5:30: We finished dinner: cabbage rolls, instant mashed potatoes (finishing the end of a box), reheated meat loaf, and yogurt. Crayons asked Mr. Fixit if he would play G.I. Joes with her later (what they were doing yesterday--playing with his boyhood Johnny West and G.I. Joe toys), but he said he might think of something else this time...after he rests for awhile.

7 p.m.: Ponytails is ironing and is waiting to use the computer. Crayons is upstairs play ironing. Mama Squirrel just finished a review that was due and doesn't want to look at a screen for the whole rest of the evening...well, maybe just to finish this off later. Mr. Fixit came in and said he was heading out to the electronics store (he needs a stereo part) and to pick up The Apprentice from work. Both girls decided to go with him, leaving Mama Squirrel to do another couple loads of laundry and keep working on what needs to be worked on.

8:45: The Apprentice is home and has finished her cabbage roll. Mr. Fixit helped Mama Squirrel finish the dinner dishes and is slightly disgruntled about the Gummy Worm debris stuck in the saucepan. (Obviously we got something out of whack with that.) The Apprentice had a good story about a buzz cut, and Mr. Fixit had one about the guy at the electronics store who got talking about the Good Old Days of CB Radios and Cassette Tapes, and who looked at the Squirrelings and said, "I guess you've never heard of any of that." Obviously he doesn't know their dad well enough to know the answer to that...

And now we're going to watch Wonder Woman, and sign off here.

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coffeemamma said...

Shmoo had so much fun, she didn't want to come home! She's looking forward to the end of hockey season so she can get together with Crayons more often.