Monday, February 13, 2012

School plans for this week

We're done the Underground Railroad study, so back to our regular Term Two this week.

The Canadian history textbook moves on to the reasons for Confederation, with a special focus on the Atlantic provinces.  I'm happy about that, since all year long we've talked mostly about Ontario and the West, but haven't done  much with the Maritimes.  We might even throw in a little extra Canadian geography there for good measure.  UPDATE:  we also read the chapter about David Livingstone from Story of the World Volume 4.

We have five weeks left in the term, so we're going to work on a chapter on decimals from the Math Mammoth Grade 4B book.  Crayons is still doing Math Pet Store with her dad when he comes home at noon, but it's going slowly.  They're also doing some telephone experiments for science.

We will be getting back into Madam How and Lady Why, A Passion for the Impossible, and the Mary Cassatt picture studies.  We've been keeping up with Plutarch.

We're almost finished Silas Marner--that went pretty quickly, and I'm not sure what we'll read next for literature.  I think we'll squeeze in Caddie Woodlawn as an extra read-aloud book, since it fits with our history time period.  Also "The Learned Adventure of the Dragon's Head," from Dorothy L. Sayers' Complete Stories.

What are you doing this week?


Jeanne said...

Curious to know what world/American history you're doing. I think we have too much USA this year with CGOW and Abe Lincoln's World. I think I'll change things next term a bit.

Mama Squirrel said...

Actually Abraham Lincoln's World is a mix of US and world history. (I'm sure you know that if you're using it, just wanted to point it out for anyone else.) I had Ponytails work through it in Year 5, and it did us for both.

Crayons' Year 5 is more focused on Canada/US history (the book we're using brings in some of each), but we are starting to bring in a few chapters this term from Story of the World. There's also been some incidental world history in other subjects. Plus Plutarch.