Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday thrifting: we found a mixer

At the thrift shop this afternoon, Mr. Fixit found us a stand mixer, one of the last generation made in the U.S. before production went overseas. It has two glass bowls, and all its beaters and dough hooks. Our hand mixer is twenty-five years old, so it's  time for a replacement. And a stand mixer with a dough hook could also replace our bread machine, if or when that's needed.
A plum-purple purse for me (the photo makes it look darker than it is). An extra, not a need, but a nice extra.
Something else that's better than this snapshot makes it look: a big scarf, a Linnea-in-Monet's-Garden mix of purple and green and all those things. I saw it by accident when I was helping Mr. Fixit carry the mixer parts from the back of the store. My justification is that if I ever get tired of wearing it, it would make a great table scarf.
The thing I was really after and did need: a lightweight denim-type shirt. 

So, a more-than-expectedly successful thrifting trip.

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Heather said...

Love that mixer! My mother-in-law has that kind. And I would like to find one for myself, the tall Kitchen Aid mixers are way too heavy and take up way too much space in my small kitchen. It was a hand-me down from my mom, so I passed it on to my MIL this past summer. I need to replace to my hand mixer as well. My SIL gave me her bread maker that she never used, but I only use it for making the dough and hardly use it at all. I have a love-hate with kitchen appliances. I do much of my cooking/baking stirring by hand.