Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Friday, January 06, 2017

Day...six. Random Epiphanies. (Last Numbers post)

January 6th: Epiphany. The visit of the Magi. Also a moment of sudden illumination.

Here are some epiphanies I've had about things, tools, clothes, clutter, and living the life.

1. I once read about an after-school tutor who travelled around with a very small box of teaching tools. It might have been a cigar box, might have been a shoebox. At any rate, he had a few little things he used over and over to help kids with reading and math. Something like, a few pieces of Lego, some stickers, a couple of little cars, some markers and index cards.  This guy was admired for his creativity and success in teaching.  So, why do we so often think we need a fancier set of tools for (you fill in the blank)? Look what Johnny Appleseed did with some seeds and a spade.

2. Don't try to clean blueberry stains from your vintage kitchen counter with baking soda. The pattern will disappear along with the blueberries.

3. Snow doesn't shovel itself. But you can feel happy about making safe places for people to walk.

4. Two days after you pay too much postage to order some used books you really wanted, you will be sent a free e-copy to review of something else that's wonderful (and 300+ pages long). Which is a good thing, undoubtedly, but also a reminder of the need for trust, patience, and not stepping ahead of God's timing.

5. I think packages of notecards or postcards make great gifts for people.  Maybe with a pen as well. Because there is nothing quite as personal as having to put the words on paper in your own handwriting. If your handwriting is like mine, it's also humbling. Not Ma Ingalls here, at all.

6. Why is shorter hair supposed to be less work? I recently got a short, layered cut, and I realized that I'm now lacking the benefits of gravity in drip-dry hairstyling. If I don't mess with it, it's a mess.  Those of you who think the shorter grass is greener should ponder before pruning.

Happy 2017! And if you're Ukrainian and/or Orthodox, Merry Christmas.


Phyllis said...

Thank you! З Різдвом Христовим!

Heather said...

love all of these Epiphanies!