Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to unsquirrel (more moving stuff)

For years, our passion was picking up any acorns that seemed useful. There was lots of room to squirrel them away. Tool acorns. Craft acorns. Lots and lots of little acorns for the Squirrelings.

Over the past while, we've been unsquirreling. And since getting the go-ahead to move, we have put the pedal to the metal on cleaning out the Treehouse. We actually have some spaces now that look like this:
Cupboard that once held homeschool supplies. The shelves are not really falling out, it's just a weird camera angle.

And this:
Cupboard previously filled with board games, Christmas overflow, and extra fabric

Some of our unsquirreled stuff has gone to new homes, via Kijiji, our homeschooling friends, and the thrift store. Some of it, nobody else would seriously want.

The things we still like, want, and have room for are getting packed up:
Even the living room is taking on that "ready to move" look.
The fireplace is not coming with us.


Susan said...

Looks great, Mama Squirrel! Which thrift store are you gifting?

Mama Squirrel said...

Hi Susan! We go to the new-ish MCC store near downtown.