Tuesday, April 25, 2017

With ten days left, I'm doing a 10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge


What's a 10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge?

This is something that started on the Stylebee blog. You take ten items of clothing (this can include shoes and coats, or not), and wear only those for ten days.

Why am I doing this right now?

1. It's still Fashion Revolution Week.

2. We're moving in ten days. Ten days, ten items of clothing just sounded like it made sense. Besides, I moved most of the rest of my clothes to the apartment this morning. The weather has been a bit loopy: one day it's nice and warm, the next it's cold and rainy; so I tried to pick out a mix of things that would layer.

This is what I saved out:

Across the top: grey jersey top, off-white t-shirt, denim shirt with a long navy t-shirt underneath it, sage-green outdoor jacket.
Middle row: navy pullover, pink tank top, green sweater dress
Bottom: three scarves which don't count, grey pull-on pants, blue jeans.

I'm not counting shoes, but I included pictures of them anyway. I think that, technically, you're supposed to post pictures of what you're actually wearing over the whole ten days, but I'm doing a shortcut version. Here we go, descriptions are below the photos.
Day One: Schlepping boxes back and forth. Navy pullover, green jacket, navy scarf. (Not shown: jeans and shoes.)
Day Two: Let's get burgers for lunch. Denim shirt, pull-on pants, striped scarf. (Take it for granted that I have something on my feet.)
Day Three: Navy t-shirt, mauve scarf worn shrug-style, jeans, sneakers
Day Four: Did you remember I have a meeting tonight? Grey pants, grey top, mauve scarf.
Day Five: This is grocery day (we still have to eat). Denim shirt, navy t-shirt, grey pants, sneakers.
Day Six: Dress and scarf for church.
Day Seven: Off-white t-shirt, jeans, navy scarf, sneakers.
Day Eight: Sweater dress belted over pull-on pants
Day Nine: Everything's packed. Let's go out for dinner. Pink tank top with mauve scarf worn cape-style, grey pants, grey wedge shoes.
Day Ten: Moving Day! Navy pullover with off-white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

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