Saturday, April 22, 2017

Moving stuff continues

I had a basic plan for the new kitchen cupboards, but today I decided to do a dry run in 3-D. I cut our Saturday paper into pieces the size of the shelves, marked the heights with sticky notes, and set things up. The advantage to this over-planning: when you call something the "tea shelf," it helps to see that the current teabag holder is not going to fit in that space. I found another basket that works. 
What didn't fit on any of the newspapers went either in the thrift store basket or in a garbage bag. A few larger things (like the bread machine) will go into the storage room/pantry in the new apartment. Ponytails was here today, and she took a couple of things she can use in her own apartment. 
I found these folding cooling racks at a yard sale. Unfolded, they can hold dish cloths and towels.
Trial run in the new kitchen: yes, it will fit.

And oh man, you wouldn't believe the workshop. Mr. Fixit has cleaned it out almost to the walls.

So we are getting somewhere.
Dewey has found a safe perch to watch the carrying and packing and reorganizing.

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