Monday, May 01, 2017

Home Stretch

In the space of one month, we have gone from being the town-joke Delta Dawns of home-seeking (give up already, that mystery man is not ever coming) to sitting here with our furniture covered with sticky notes. (Living Room. Thrift Store.) This is the week that we do indeed move up to our Mansion in the Sky. (Another Delta Dawn quote if you're too young to know that.)
We went out this morning (after dropping a last load at the thrift store which included a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, and ironing board), and bought two racks, one big, one small, to air-dry clothes. Another thing we bought as soon as we got the apartment keys was a little cart that looks like a scooter, for moving boxes from the parking garage, to the elevator and up to our unit. This has been incredibly helpful for taking over a lot of odds and ends.
I'm glad that Mr. Fixit is good at knowing where and how to hang things on different kinds of walls, how to fit those plastic anchors in the drilled holes and also get the whole thing centred. He also came up with a "beauty treatment" for the sticky wooden cupboard handles that regular soap and water didn't improve. It is taking awhile to get them all done, but the ones he's worked on feel much nicer to the touch.
On our way.

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