Tuesday, June 06, 2017

When you choose less space: bedroom closet

Some bloggers like to show everyone their very big or very small closets. This is mine (photo below), and you're seeing it all, or at least the half that is mine.
 I have two coats in there, four dresses, some t-shirts, a couple of shirts, one multi-skirt hanger, one multi-pant hanger, a hanging shelf for scarves, and a hanger with hooks on it for belts and purses. (I think it's a tie hanger.) Shoes and a bin of winter clothes are on the floor.
There's a shelf over the hangers, which has non-clothes things on it. And there are four shelves to the right of my space, which are our linen closet. (I haven't achieved matching baskets there yet--just using what we have.)

The only thing not so good about the closet is that it closes with a big, lightweight sliding door that tends to jump its track. Someday we will ask about replacing it, but for now we don't want to be the constantly-complaining tenants.

The white door just outside is the closet that holds a stacking washer and dryer. Retrieving wet clothes from the washer may cause head-bonking on the bottom of the dryer, but again what's to complain about? It works. We are very blessed.

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