Friday, June 09, 2017

When you choose less space: Kitchen cupboards

Do you remember my post about plotting out our new kitchen by putting dishes and pans on rectangles of newspaper?

Well, quite a lot of that worked well, and knowing where things would go was extremely helpful on moving day, when I just wanted to unpack boxes as fast as possible and with no awkward surprises. Because we had early access to the apartment, we were even able to change the heights of a few shelves ahead of the move (had to have somewhere to put the blender and cereal boxes).

Once we got settled, there were a few things that got changed. You never know exactly how things will fit until you've lived with them a bit.
There is room in the dish cupboard for fifteen mugs, six glasses, four cereal bowls, and so on. (Too many mugs for three people, but we are fond of them.) I bought a wire rack to prop up small plates and two extra bowls. The red Pyrex belonged to Mr. Fixit's grandmother.
Casseroles, serving bowls, plastic things, and a tray of vitamins and stuff, in a cupboard over the sink. Usually the small Crockpot lives up there too, but it has dinner in it right now.
Baking things, mostly, in a cupboard over the counter. I sometimes use the glass mixer bowls for serving food.
The blender and cereal cupboard, over the stove. There's also a cupboard over the fridge, but it's awkward to access so there's not much in there...the extra muffin tins, things like that.
Bread, tea/coffee, and some small things up top in a basket.
Under the counter: pots and pans (we've used the same set since we were married), storage containers, mixing bowls, and a few staple foods.  There is one other lower cupboard for cleaning supplies and garbage bags.
Drawer #1: cutlery and serving spoons. The divider boxes were yard-saled.
Drawer #2: tools
Drawer #3: seasonings. There is a Drawer #4 where Lydia keeps lunchbox foods and a set of mini cutlery. She also has a basket on the fridge for water bottles and her lunch bag.

That's it, mostly. Most of the pantry food is in the storage room, and so are two large pots, the popcorn popper, and the coffee percolator. Dish towels are in a rack on the counter, and the hot pads and oven mitts are in a basket. The wooden spoons and spatulas are in vintage wooden canisters on the counter (I've already posted a photo of those).

So this doesn't look very minimalist? No, it wouldn't all fit into a Tiny House kitchen. If we'd ended up with a smaller kitchen, we would have had to pare down the trifle bowl, the rolling pin, and the coffee mugs. If we were more eco-conscious, we would have swapped all the plastics for mason jars, and have gone off cold cereal completely. I'm sure there are lots more valid criticisms people might have.

But this is our space. This is where we are at. We brought what we found most useful, and let a lot of other things go.


Honey and Pappy said...

We are having a wedding for our daughter June 24. After that, I plan on doing a lot of this myself! You have encouraged me. We have been in the same home for 17 years. Both our grandmothers have lived with us, our kids have been in, and moved out, and moved back, etc. A grandchild lives with us. When people come and go, they leave stuff. I need to do this. Thank you! Do you miss anything you have let go yet?

Mama Squirrel said...

Well, we are adjusting to no toaster oven, no microwave. We are doing a lot of stovetop reheating (even pizza). At some point we may replace the microwave.

Other than that, we seem to have everything we need.

Good luck with your project!