Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: Monday and Tuesday plans (updated)


Opening time, poetry

Old Testament reading

Arithmetic: Key to Percents.  "Secret message" involving percentage statements.  This page may appear to be just for fun, but the concept is very important.

Picture study:  Matthijs Maris.  As kind of a windup to this study, we watched the slideshow of 26 of his paintings, and I asked Dollygirl to guess whether they were from his early, middle or later painting career.  I think she got most of them right.  Hint: in most of his later ones, you can hardly see what they are, they're so misty and grayed-out.


Memory work

Citizenship:  biography of Winston Churchill.

Dictation, from the biography.

Geography: Devon #3, Dartmoor, using The Great Little Dartmoor Book and our own notes (from Charlotte Mason's geography)

French:  chapter from Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (in French)
Finished The Fellowship of the Ring


Opening time, poetry

New Testament and history combined: Augustus Caesar's World, "Dec 25 Year 1” and the short chapter following it.

Arithmetic: Key to Percents, and a "crossword" puzzle for homework


Two chapters from The Search for Planet X

Memory work

Handel study:  The Water Music.  We listened to some of the sections, and read the "true story" from Classical Music Insights: Understanding and Enjoying Great Music, by Betsy Schwarm.
First chapter of The Two Towers.

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