Thursday, May 16, 2013

How we reason ourselves into right (CM Vol 6 Quote for the Day)

"But it must not be supposed that reason is malign, the furtherer of ill counsels only. Nurse Cavell, Jack Cornwell, Lord Roberts, General Gordon, Madame Curie, leave hints enough to enable us to follow the trains of thought which issued in glorious deeds. We know how Florence Nightingale received, welcomed, reasoned out the notion of pity which obsessed her, and how through many difficulties her great project for the saving of the sick and suffering of her country's army worked itself out; how she was able to convey to those in power the same convincing arguments which moved herself."  ~~ Charlotte Mason, "The Way of the Reason" (Towards a Philosophy of Education)
Robert Harris, A Meeting of the School Trustees, 1885

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