Friday, May 10, 2013

Crissy Clothes: Sweet Sweet Suede**

We bought a fabric grab-bag at the thrift store, but most of it turned out to be half-sewn leather and suede scraps.  Maybe it was unwanted stuff from a  factory?
I used a piece of lightweight soft green stuff to make this shirt.  But I wasn't sure what to do with the rest. 

Then I saw a piece of purple suede in there that wasn't too heavy for dolls, and it just called out "Crissy."

The vest is vintage Simplicity Crissy pattern 8519.  The purse I put together from a scrap that was left.
I used the same pattern (8519) to make a suede jumper, but the first one turned out pretty short (even for Crissy, the mini-skirt girl).  OK, we'll just call it a tunic.  I was surprised, though, that the pattern was so skimpy--usually Crissy patterns are sized correctly. (Looking at the photos on the Crissy And Beth sewing page, though, I think it WAS meant to be very, very short.  And I do remember skirts at the time being very, very short.  But we like Crissy to be just a bit more covered.)

I tried again with a piece of cranberry-red suede, and cut it longer.  This one turned out knee-length.  Just for fun, I put the fuzzy side of it inside, and left the "back" side for the outside.  Both Dollygirl and I thought it looked better like that anyway.  Dollygirl thinks the jumper will look really good with Crissy's burgundy turtleneck.

Cost of outfits:
Pattern:  free download--cost of ink and paper, not much
Bag of suede scraps--$1, and we still have some left.
Thread and snaps--all on hand, didn't cost much
TOTAL for jumper, tunic, vest and purse:  maybe $2?

Seems like a "suede" deal to me.

 **That's a joke for Electric Company fans.  Doesn't Morgan Freeman's outfit look a bit like Crissy's purple stuff?

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amy in peru said...

you are the queen of doll clothes! i am always impressed! bria and i just started our very first ever sewing machine 'together' project, and guess what it is... yep! doll clothes! i'm kinda excited about where it might lead us! :)

Mama Squirrel said...

Amy, trust me on this one (I'm not just being modest): my sewing skills are very, very basic. I have definitely improved over the last while, but let's just say I know my limits! Doll clothes turned out to be something not too intimidating that I could practice on, and sometimes work with Dollygirl too.. Good thing she still likes her dolls.

I bought a sewing book yesterday (we were at an antique mall, but it's an almost-new book) that gives you sewing lessons along with home decor projects. Maybe a good transition (for me too!) as D-girl gets into her teens?

Dana in Georgia said...

Nice work!

I have held onto fabric and certain clothes with the idea that someday I could use them like this (or in a quilt).

But I'm not sure I will ever do it, if I havent already started?

Cindy said...

Brings back memories. I had a Chrissy and my mom loves to make doll clothes.
Also this is a great post in that it ties in to the whole idea of using scraps. I am never very inspired by scraps.

hsmominmo said...

adorable! You most definitely have the dollclothes talent. I'm sharing this with my daughter, I know she'll be inspired!
Seeing Chrissy takes me back too -- my little sister had one, I was too old to play with dolls, but I secretly wanted one myself!
Thank you for sharing her, and your creations with us.

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks, hsmominmo! Seems everybody loved Crissy.