Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's a good day in the Treehouse (updated)

This day is turning into a busy one for the Squirrel family.

Ponytails is on her way to a field trip at the Toronto Zoo, with her high school photography class.  (She's very happy that the sun is shining now, because there were thunderstorms all night.) When she gets back, it's guitar lesson night.

And since the sun is shining, that would be a good hint to Mama Squirrel to get a couple loads of laundry done and hung up outside.

The Apprentice is at work until after lunch, and then she has an extremely important driving test.  Mr. Fixit is going along for moral support.

Dollygirl has school with Mama Squirrel, and then later this afternoon she starts a flower-watering/checking mail job for some vacationing neighbours.  It's also our afternoon to work at the thrift store.

And Mama Squirrel has a support group business meeting here tonight.  Which means a small amount of cleanup and refreshment-fixing and all that, in between school and the rest.

These are all good things!  (Well, except maybe for the driving test, but passing the driving test is a good thing. UPDATE:  and she did!)
One of our pastor's favourite sayings is "it's a good day."  No qualifiers or additions--it's just a good day.

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amy in peru said...

i'm so happy for you and for a happy day!