Thursday, May 02, 2013

Frugalities (doll sleeping bag) and what was for supper

1.  Supper menu: leftover-pork enchiladas, rice, spinach, carrot sticks.  Mixed fruit bowl: frozen blueberries, one sliced frozen banana, two sliced fresh bananas, one and a half chopped apples.  (One half had a mushy bruise, the other side was fine.)

2.  Reuse, recycle: one doll sleeping bag, made from a bandanna and a thrifted, much too small pink terry cloth skirt.  The whole thing took exactly half an hour from thought to finish.  I was just cleaning up the fabric and stuff from recent sewing projects, when I noticed that the skirt and the pink-and-turquoise bandanna looked pretty good beside each other.  I cut the skirt in half, cut off the waistband, and sewed the two halves back together to make one large flat piece (that would fit the bandanna); sewed it right-sides-together to the bandanna, leaving a gap; and turned it right side out, so all the seams were hidden inside.  Then I folded it in half, lining-side-out, and sewed across the bottom and most of the way up the side, to make the sleeping bag.  That's all-- turned it right side out again, inserted a doll (it happened to be Crissy), and gave it to Dollygirl.

Size Note:  if you're making a sleeping bag with a bandanna-sized piece of fabric (or a fat quarter, which would be about the same size), it should be big enough for an 18-inch doll, if you keep the seam allowances small, and leave enough of a slit near the top to get the doll in and out.  This one fits Crissy very well, but she's slimmer and just a notch shorter than the AG and Springfield dolls.

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