Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven, Term 1, Week 11 (Exams are coming!)

The schedule is probably overloaded today, but we'll just have to see what fits in.

Opening time:
Hymn, prayer

Poems in iambic form (not as hard as it sounds. Emily Dickinson wrote poems with iambic rhythm.  A Child's Garden of Verses also works).

Current events

History of English Literature: How Caedmon Sang

 Math: Begin "Skill in Algebra," on

Science: Re-read How to Think Like a Scientist, by Stephen P. Kramer

French:  follow review schedule

Geography, In Search of England

Christian Studies: Book of Acts (finish chapter 18 or 19 this week)

Writing time and Exam Practice (a.k.a. written narrations)

Watch some of the Coriolanus DVD

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