Monday, November 18, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: Tuesday plans, with or without a concert

We are still trying to decide whether to go to the weekly lunchtime concert.  The program is good this week (jazz piano), but it is still a chunk out of our school day, and besides that, the weather has been bad and is getting worse.  Not as bad as the places in the U.S. that got tornadoes yesterday, but just enough to make you not want to be out much.  I think even Charlotte Mason might draw the line at horizontal sleet.

So here's the school plan without the concert, and if things line up well, then we'll go and skip something else.

Daily opening time:  hymn, prayer

Current events

Grammar of Poetry: Continue Lesson 10, Iambic rhythm.

Short Math Lesson:  continue the first algebra lesson on

Writing time (written narrations and sample exam questions)

The Other Math Lesson: Making Things Out of Cardboard

English History: The Reign of King Alfred (from Arnold-Forster's history). Mark relevant dates in Book of Centuries.

Music history (or go to lunchtime concert)

French: follow review schedule

Watch some more of the Coriolanus DVD

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