Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Back yard nature

It's gray and windy, but the wind isn't cold now, it's just spring wind.

The robin was back on our porch again, ready for attempt number two or three at building a nest over the light.  I watched him (I think it was a him) fly back and forth a few times with clumps of dried grass, messing around, kind of stomping and flapping the stuff down, flying off for more.  I hated to have to tell him that the eviction notice would be posted as soon as Mr. Fixit got home from his errands.

Just then a gust of wind blew the half-made nest to the ground, and the robin (intuitively?) did not return.

Also seen:  a very bad squirrel with his head inside our bird feeder, stuffing his face as fast as he could.  A chipmunk.  Lots of violets.

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