Monday, April 07, 2014

Some news from The Apprentice

Our Apprentice had not even started high school when we started this blog.  We have posts following her through ninth grade at home, her move to public high school, her hairstyling apprenticeship (yes, we thought it was funny too, because the nickname came before the real thing), and her moving on (and out) to university.  Apprentice would have had another year of school to go yet for the Honours program, but she has decided that enough is enough, for now anyway, and she will be graduating with her B.Sc. in June.

And after that?

The Apprentice (who we should probably rename The Graduate, except that Dustin Hoffman already did that) is already set up with her housemates and her mini slow cooker, so she's going to stay where she is and look for a job there.  And enjoy having absolutely no homework, at least after final exams.


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At Home on the Rock... said...

Yes...Congrats, Apprentice (aka The Graduate!) Well done for sure ....both to the Graduate and Mama Squirrel.

It's been a journey for sure, hasn't it? I remember when (way back when lol) we were considering hs'ng. You were one of my first contacts about it. You shared your journey and offered lots of encouragement to us. We took the hs'ng plunge and continued on through high school. Our son is the same age as the apprentice (I think, anyway) and he too is graduating this June (a three year program at community college). Interesting to see where life will take them now.