Wednesday, April 30, 2014

School Plans for Thursday (Dollygirl's Grade Seven)

Gospel of Mark: independent reading

First History of France, and Century Chart.

Saxon Math: go over the homework questions and work on one or two of the harder problems left in the lesson.  Do problem set questions 27-30 on your own.

Poems for the First of May.

The Easy Grammar Plus: review and winding up the Nouns unit (this will finish formal grammar for this school year)

Science: quick review of yesterday's lesson, and a couple of further points about carbohydrates.  As an analogy for simple vs. complex carbohydrates, why wouldn't you just make a fire from newspapers or loose straw?  Why did Pa and Laura twist hay into tight bundles when they were short on other fuel during The Long Winter?  How does that compare with the explanation of how human bodies react to large doses of sugar?  Play "concentration" with some of our recent science vocabulary.

Money Matters for Teens

Music History: Franz Liszt.

Writing Time.

If it's nice enough for a walk (it's been rainy all week), go look and see if any trees are budding.
'Siker this morrow, no longer ago,
I saw a shole of shepherds outgo
With singing, and shouting, and jolly cheer;
Before them rode a lusty Tabrere,
That to the many a horn-pipe play'd,
Where to they dance each one with his maid.
To see these folks make such jouissance,
Made my heart after the pipe to dance.
Then to the greenwood they speeden them all,
To fetchen home May with their musical:
And home they bring him in a royal throne
Crowned as king; and his queen attone
Was Lady Flora, on whom did attend
A fair flock of fairies, and a fresh bend
Of lovely nymphs—O that I were there
To helpen the ladies their May-bush to bear!
                                                   Spenser, Shepherd's Calendar, Eclogue 5.

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