Friday, May 02, 2014

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: Friday School Plans (Updated and Annotated)

And all the time we have books, books teeming with ideas fresh from the minds of thinkers upon every subject to which we can wish to introduce children. ~~ Charlotte Mason, School Education
Basic Bible Studies: The Holy Spirit. Use the NIV Bible Dictionary when needed.

Discuss Sunday reading options (or other devotional reading choices)
In this great work we seek and assuredly find the co-operation of the Divine Spirit, whom we recognise, in a sense rather new to modern thought, as the supreme Educator of mankind in things that have been called secular, fully as much as in those that have been called sacred. ~~ CM, School Education
How to Read a Book (Adler)

Handwriting practice

Spring of the Year: A list of things to hear in the spring
Ivanhoe: Cedric and his party have been attacked in the forest; "Locksley" tells Gurth and Wamba that he will do what he can to help.
I venture to propose one or two principles in the matter of school-books, and shall leave the far more difficult part, the application of those principles, to the reader. ~~ CM, School Education
First History of France, chapter 8 (we ended up reading the whole chapter): Louis VIII ("Lewis the Dolphin" in Shakespeare's King John), and Louis IX, also known as St. Louis.

Key to Geometry: work through several pages.  Be careful naming the triangles!

Apologia General Science: Reading about the positive and negative side of fats. Homework Read the online article I will send you about good snacks featuring complex carbohydrates. Choose two of the combinations that you like, and make sure we get those foods or the ingredients when we go shopping on the weekend.
I think we should have a great educational revolution once we ceased to regard ourselves as assortments of so-called faculties, and realised ourselves as persons whose great business it is to get in touch with other persons of all sorts and condition; of all countries and climes, of all times, past and present. History would become entrancing, literature a magic mirror for the discovery of other minds, the study of sociology a duty and a delight. We should tend to become responsive and wise, humble and reverent, recognising the duties and the joys of the full human life. We cannot of course overtake such a programme of work, but we can keep it in view; and I suppose every life is moulded upon its ideal. ~~ CM, School Education

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